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Paul Anthony Brierley


Paul Anthony Brierley


2018 May 23 - 18:36


2018 May 24 - 18:37


The Moon



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Good evening friends,
Can you believe we have had all these clear evenings? They are fabulous are they not, and worth waiting for during those drab Winter months.
During the early evening (May 23rd) at 19:14 hrs UT. I shot this little picture off. Ptolemaeus-Alphonsus-Arzachel-Purbach and numerous other craters.
Seeing was lousy. But with the aid of a Baader 742nm IR Proplanet filter, I was able to rescue this video.
OMC 140 with QHY5II with SharpCap. The camera was operating at 70fps at 640x480
I am very happy with the result and also the clarity.
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