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Observation by Mike Frost: Historical Section Meeting in Stirling, ...

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Mike Frost


Mike Frost


2018 May 26 - 14:50


2018 May 27 - 09:02




Smith Gallery & Museum, Stirling, Scotland

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Attendees & speakers at the historical section meeting


Historical Section Meeting in Stirling, Saturday May 26th

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The speakers and some of the attendees from our historical section meeting at the Smith Gallery and Museum, Stirling).

Front row from left to right:

Bill Barton - spoke on "Alice Grace Cook - East Anglian meteor observer"

Mike Frost - section director

Dr Vanessa Smer Barreto - "Mayan astronomy"

Dr Lee Macdonald - "Kew Observatory and the birth of solar-terrestrial physics"

John Rosenfield - "Fear and Loathing - the moons of Mars"

Sandra Brantingham - Aurora and NLC section director

Dr Dave Gavine - "Thomas Dick of Dundee"

We had an attendance of 30. Groups of attendees visited Stirling AS's Highland Hotel observatory on Friday (viewing Venus) and Saturday (the Moon). Great week-end!

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