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Observation by Andrew Ciavarella: Mars 10/6/18 LCM =189

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Andrew Ciavarella


Andrew Ciavarella


2018 Jun 10 - 02:45


2018 Jun 10 - 10:46



  • 9mm ortho. + 1.6 + 2x barlows
  • 254mm F4.5 reflector

Taunton, Somerset

Target name



Mars 10/6/18 LCM =189

About this image

Haven't observed Mars for over a week as I was on holiday on the Norfolk Broads.  Mars was appreciably bigger again since my last observation on 28th May. No obvious dust storms appear to have blown up on this side of the planet in my absence!

This image is a pencil sketch that has been coloured using an image editor, which also allows the intensities of dark and bright features to be more immediately represented. South is at the top, West is left.

Observed 03:25 - 04:23 UT, features at 03:45UT for which LCM = 189 degrees.

Poor with moments of moderate seeing. Low confidence in details marked along N edge of S hem dark features. All features in N hem of very low contrast, where highest confidence in darkest features marked.

Brighter patches on E and NE limb, not glinting though. NPC/H just present with extension to W. NPC/H appeared to have a dark rim.

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