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Observation by Andrew Ciavarella: Jupiter 14/6/18

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Andrew Ciavarella


Andrew Ciavarella


2018 Jun 14 - 19:50


2018 Jun 18 - 18:35



  • 254 mm F4.5 reflector
  • 9mm ortho + 1.6x barlow

Taunton, Somerset

Target name



Jupiter 14/6/18

About this image

This is a 'quick' sketch from the 14th June 2018 when good seeing conditions made for about the best view of Jupiter I've ever had. There was more detail to be seen than I could record in time.

See the image for miscellaneous quick notes on the sketch. To those appearing in the image I should add the following: STB thicker and more southerly to E of GRS, and EZ very busy with equatorial line.

Extra note: image updated with corrected date and longitudes - never fail to write down the date of the observation and have to work it out later: a school boy error!

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