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Observation by Trevor Emmett: Northern hemisphere of Moon, colongitude...

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Trevor Emmett


Trevor Emmett


2018 Jun 21 - 20:43


2018 Jul 09 - 21:28


The Moon

  • Celestron CPC1100
  • Altair Astro GP-CAM
  • Registax software
  • Microsoft ICE software

Fenland, Cambridgeshire

Target name

Moon - composite/mosaic


Northern hemisphere of Moon, colongitude 11.3 deg.

About this image

GP-CAM at prime focus. Eight videos (500 frames each) stacked in Registax, minimally processed in Lightroom, and then composited with Microsoft ICE. Though you can still see the joins and the Registax/LR processing is a bit uneven I still think this is not a bad effort. Feel free to disagree, though....

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Chris Hooker
Chris Hooker, 2018 Jul 10 - 21:50 UTC

Hi Trevor,

Stitching images of smaller areas of the Moon together like this is a great way to create spectacular mosaics, although, sadly, they can easily become too large to upload to your page on this website without a lot of compression.

May I suggest you try using a piece of freeware called imerge for this: you can find it here: http://www.softpedia<dot>com/get/Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Others/iMerge.shtml or just google for it. I've used it for this purpose and it has several very nice features including simple drag-and-click to merge two images, and "feathering" between adjacent images to eliminate the obvious joins and edges that you refer to. I think if you give it a try you'll be pleased with the results.

Good luck!


Trevor Emmett
Trevor Emmett, 2018 Jul 11 - 20:55 UTC

Thanks for the suggestion Chris. It's always good to have recommendations from users! I will give Imerge a try.

I picked up MS ICE from Nik Szymanek's (sp?) bookazine about astrophotography. I think it works quite well but I think I might try making the composite from the initial stacks rather that from stacks fiddled a bit in Lightroom.

Best wishes.


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