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Observation by Denis Buczynski: Noctlilucent clouds at Tarbatness

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Denis Buczynski


Denis Buczynski


2018 Jul 03 - 00:28


2018 Jul 03 - 16:41


Noctilucent cloud


Tarbatness Highland Scotland

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Noctilucent clouds


Noctlilucent clouds at Tarbatness

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Hello all, There was a display of NLC seen here at Tarbatness last night. First seen at 01:00 UT. Large flat looking ribbons of cloud stretched over the zenith and toward the west. These faded quite quickly after about half an hour. Then more filimentary looking NLC were seen forming over the bright Northern horizon. These continued to spread from the Northern horizon towards the West. they were still present at dawn. Two images attached showing the ribbons overhead and the horizon NLC.
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