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Observation by Gary Poyner: chi Cygni minimum 2018

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Gary Poyner


Gary Poyner


2018 Jul 24 - 16:53


2018 Jul 24 - 17:03



  • 22cm f6 dobsonian
  • 51cm f4 dobsonian


Target name

chi Cyg


chi Cygni minimum 2018

About this image

The 2018 minimum of the Mira star chi Cygni occured on June 27 at magnitude 13.5, some 402 days after the 2017 minimum.  The catalogued mean period for chi Cyg is 408.5d.  The May 2017 minimum was one of the brightest on record, being a whole magnitude brighter than this one.

The classical slower fade to minimum followed by a steeper rise which is characteristic of this star is evident in this plot.  Maximum brightness is expected sometime in December 2018.

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