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Observation by Trevor Emmett: Sunset on the Mare Vaporum

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Trevor Emmett


Trevor Emmett


2018 Aug 03 - 03:05


2018 Aug 03 - 04:55


The Moon

  • Celestron CPC1100
  • Canon Eos6D
  • Lightroom software

ISO200, f.10, 1/100s


Fenland, Cambridgeshire

Target name

Waning Moon, colongitude 167.6 deg.


Sunset on the Mare Vaporum

About this image

At this phase the disc of the Moon just fits on the full-frame sized sensor on the Eos 6D, though a little darkening of one of the cusps is possible if I'm not careful. Taken in the early morning twilight, a time when the air is usually very steady. The original image was just a tad underexposed so I did a bit of processing in Lightroom, after converting to monochrome.

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