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Observation by stan armstrong: First attempt to blend Fireball Frames.

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stan armstrong


stan armstrong


2018 Aug 05 - 22:24


2020 Aug 19 - 22:43



  • HIK Security Camera

Thames Valley

Target name

IMO Event 2834/2018


First attempt to blend Fireball Frames.

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Went to Day course with Mary McIntyre and then used Star Trails to join up the video frames.

This Fireball turned out very special for me as it happens.

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stan armstrong
stan armstrong, 2020 Sep 06 - 23:07 UTC

The security cameras default to h265 and h264+ from time to time, so that and other issues delayed my access to several of them,  but when i managed to untangle, I was pleased to find an image of the Bright Meteor on 4 cameras, despite the Nearby Street Lights. Unexpectedly finding The Real Beauty Event 5003-2020 has further delayed my efforts to check with NEMETODE as Bill Ward kindly suggested would be useful.

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