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Observation by Trevor Emmett: Sunrise Over Theophilus

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Trevor Emmett


Trevor Emmett


2018 Aug 16 - 18:58


2018 Aug 17 - 06:42


The Moon

  • Celestron CPC1100
  • f6.3 focal reduced
  • Canon Eos 6D camera
  • Lightroom software

ISO1600, 1/320 s


Fenland, Cambridgeshire

Target name

Moon, colongitude 334.8 deg.


Sunrise Over Theophilus

About this image

This time of year it's always tricky to get a good look at the Moon early in the lunation due to the location of my observatory. It's a compromise between light skies and missing nearby houses! I particularly like the dark pit that is Theophilus and that all the eastern seas (Maria Marginus, Smythii and Australis) are well seen.

Image converted to monochrome and tweaked a bit in Lightroom.

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