Observation by Graham Winstanley: The Little Cocoon Nebula

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Graham Winstanley


Graham Winstanley


2018 Sep 02 - 00:48


2018 Sep 10 - 22:38


The Cocoon Nebula (IC5146)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 19h30m
Dec: +18°15'
Position angle: +84°59'

Field size

0°45' × 0°31'

  • Skywatcher ED80
  • Pier mounted NEQ6
  • QHY IMG2PRO at -20 deg
  • oag camera ASI120MM
  • Baader Ha 7nm filter

18 x 900s


Bassingham, Lincolnshire

Target name

SH82 in Sagitta


The Little Cocoon Nebula

About this image

SH42 is an emission nebula about 3,600 light years away in Sagitta, not far from the Coat Hanger asterism. It is also surrounded by a reflection nebula that is not seen in my Ha image. I hope to add some colour later, RGB or Oiii,Sii, but need some clear skies without the Moon.

Processing in Pixinsight.

Captured over 2 nights,31 Aug/1 Sep and 1/2 Sep.

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