Observation by Robert James Stuart: M27 Dumbell Nebula

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Robert James Stuart


Robert James Stuart


2018 Sep 05 - 20:47


2018 Sep 08 - 11:24


The Apple Core Nebula (M27)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 19h59m
Dec: +22°43'
Position angle: +4°26'

Field size

0°30' × 0°24'

  • Vixen VC200L f9
  • Nikon D800
  • CGX mount
  • Baader 50mm Neodymium filter

3x 480s at 320 iso



Target name

M27 Dumbell Nebula


M27 Dumbell Nebula

About this image

First deep sky of the season after a bit of work to make my set up more consistent for polar alignment, and having a drive glitch fixed. Now seem to have very good polar alignment despite having to move tripod indoors each time, so solution seems to work for me. I am happy to share if people are interested.

Hand stack of 3 x 480 s exposure 320 iso in Photoshop CC, adjusted for luminance and vibrancy, no sharpening.

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