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Observation by Kevin Gurney: X Per, Halpha dynamics

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Kevin Gurney


Kevin Gurney


2018 Oct 22 - 01:00


2018 Oct 26 - 10:27

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Field centre

RA: 22h47m
Dec: -46°55'
Position angle: -173°37'

Field size

0°06' × 0°04'

  • Altair Astro 10in RC truss tube
  • LHires 2400l/mm
  • Atik 460EX
  • MESU200 mount

9 x 600s subs


West Sheffield

Target name

X Persei


X Per, Halpha dynamics

About this image

Robin Leadbeater had highlighted the call by Paul Roche (Cardiff University) to observe this star photometrically and spectroscopically - see

I now have four observations of H alpha for this targetĀ  (one attached here). I *think* I can see some cyclic activity too... There is a gif at

which was constructed using the animation tool in ISIS, and which shows this I think.

(The gif website is pretty distracting - just right click, save and view locally. Unfortunately we can't upload gifs here...))


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