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Observation by Trevor Emmett: Last quarter Moon 2018 November 30

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Trevor Emmett


Trevor Emmett


2018 Nov 30 - 07:14


2018 Nov 30 - 11:00


The Moon

  • CPC1100 SCT
  • Canon Eos 6D DSLR (full frame)
  • UV-IR cut filter

ISO 400, 1/13 sec @f10


Fenland, Cambridgeshire, UK

Target name

Moon (last quarter, colongitude 179.6 degrees.


Last quarter Moon 2018 November 30

About this image

The Moon was riding high in a crystal-clear sky and Venus was very obvious in the SE. Even though the S cusp is a bit darkened by vignetting (the image circle my telescope straddles the full frame sensor of the DSLR) this is pretty close to the 'classic' last quarter image produced by, I think, the Lick Observatory in the '50s/'60s. Emulating that I now need to dig out a good first quarter image and see if I can composite them!

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