Observation by Nick Hewitt: Wide field around Messier 77

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Nick Hewitt


Nick Hewitt


2018 Nov 30 - 23:23


2018 Dec 01 - 11:38



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 02h42m
Dec: +00°01'
Position angle: -21°25'

Field size

1°54' × 1°54'

  • iT16
  • Takahashi 150mm f 7

2 x 300sec


Nerpio, Nr Murchia, Spain

Target name

Messier 77


Wide field around Messier 77

About this image

Yes, Cetus is big, bare and largely bereft of shape but there is more to the Whale than meets the eye. 

This field has delta Ceti (a mere magnitude 4) on the upper right, the bright Seyfert galaxy Messier 77 centrally with the recently discovered supernova 2018ivc; just 30' to the north and slightly west is NGC 1055, a very attractive barred spiral edge on. Both are some 48 million light-years from us.

To the south-east (bottom left) is NGC 1087 and just above and to the left of this is NGC1090. I carelessly missed the third member of the trio, NGC 1094. I must try harder. 

You will need to enlarge this, I suspect, to show much detail.The field is 75 x 113'.

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