Observation by Tracie Heywood: Light Curve for RXLeporis since December...

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Tracie Heywood


Tracie Heywood


2018 Dec 23 - 14:03


2018 Dec 23 - 14:11


Variable star

  • 11x80B
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RX Lep


Light Curve for RXLeporis since December 2014

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This is my light curve for the semi-regular variable RX Leporis since December 2014. Being located at Dec -12, RX Lep is one of the most southerly variables that I observe (a hill to the south and southwest hinders my view of the southern sky).

The annual gaps from April to mid August when Lepus is unobservable from the UK make the light curve tricky to interpret, but there are clear ups and downs in the brightness..

The period of RX Lep is usually quoted as 80 days, although VSX also mentions other periods of 90-100 days and 138 days ... potentially making it all rather complicated.

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