Observation by Tracie Heywood: Ten year light curve for Betelgeuse

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Tracie Heywood


Tracie Heywood


2018 Dec 26 - 12:06


2018 Dec 26 - 12:12


Variable star

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Field centre

RA: 02h19m
Dec: -02°04'
Position angle: +89°34'

Field size

0°09' × 0°03'

  • NE
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Ten year light curve for Betelgeuse

About this image

Here is my light curve for Betelgeuse since 2009.

Since it is often claimed (usually by people who don't actually observe the star) that Betelgeuse routinely varies between magnitudes 0.0 and 1.3, I thought that it would be useful to post a long term light curve that shows the typical range is only a few tenths of a magnitude.

Betelgeuse can sometimes appear to be somewhat brighter or fainter than the range observed here, but my 40 year experience of observing it has revealed that this is only the case when observing under poor sky conditions or when there are significant altitude difference between Betelgeuse and its comparison stars.

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