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Observation by Paul Leyland: More globulars in M81

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Paul Leyland


Paul Leyland


2019 Mar 11 - 02:00


2019 Apr 23 - 12:06



Target name

Globular Clusters of M81


More globulars in M81

About this image

The technical details are identical to those for my other globulars in M81 image so I won't repeat them here.

It occurred that GCs closer to the galactic centre may be visible if the background was removed.  Accordingly a 25-pixel radius median smoothed image was created and subtracted from the original.  The same contrast stretching & smoothing procedure was followed and the somewhat bizarre looking result annotated.  This time I added only a few of the newly located GCs in red.  A couple of the previously found GCs closest to the galactic core are marked in yellow to indicate by how much further in it is now possible to detect them.

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