Observation by Mick Nicholls: AR2735 AND AR2736 In Calcium-K

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Mick Nicholls


Mick Nicholls


2019 Mar 20 - 09:59


2019 Mar 21 - 12:34


The Sun

  • 80mm Starwave ED-R refractor
  • Lunt B1200 CaK module
  • 2xBarlow
  • TS Optics altazimuth mount
  • DMK31 camera

Sheffield UK

Target name

AR2735 AND AR2736 in Calcium-K


AR2735 AND AR2736 In Calcium-K

About this image

I had done a simple set up to see if i could image Calcium-K with My DSLR but i didn't like the results. With the sky being hazy i thought nothing would be wasted. The sky then improved so i got the DMK31 camera out and captured this image. I was on an altazimuth mount and had to hand guide to follow the Sun.  

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