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Observation by Jeremy Shears: Pulsar dome treatment

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Jeremy Shears


Jeremy Shears


2019 Mar 30 - 12:59


2019 Mar 30 - 13:01




Pulsar dome treatment

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You will see from the picture below, last August I polished my Pulsar dome. I do this every summer, but it soon fades. So this year I have used a colour restoring product called Polytrol. I am pretty pleased with the result.

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Peter Mulligan
Peter Mulligan, 2019 Mar 30 - 18:27 UTC

It blends in very well with the garden and trees Jeremy


Jeremy Shears
Jeremy Shears, 2019 Mar 30 - 21:52 UTC

Strangely enough, when I applied for planning permission, they stipulated it must be green and not white (I live in a conservation zone so all constructions, not matter how small, need planning consent).

Peter Carson
Peter Carson, 2019 Mar 31 - 13:55 UTC

My observatory dome is white. I haven't washed it for a couple of years and its now green, nearly the same colour as yours but not so shiny.

Jeremy Shears
Jeremy Shears, 2019 Mar 31 - 15:16 UTC

Maybe your green dome blends in better than when it was white, Peter.

BTW, a word of caution on the use of Polytrol. Apparently it can be used on any colour apart from white!

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