Observation by Mick Nicholls: AR2738 In H-Alpha 9th April 2019

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Mick Nicholls


Mick Nicholls


2019 Apr 09 - 12:39


2019 Apr 09 - 19:00


The Sun

  • Daystar QUARK chromosphere version
  • DMK31 camera
  • Starwave ED-R Refractor
  • HEQ5 Pro Synscan mount

Sheffield UK

Target name

AR2738 In H-Alpha 9th April 2019


AR2738 In H-Alpha 9th April 2019

About this image

The Weather hasn't played ball today but i managed to battle the clouds and get this image of AR2738 in H-Alpha. I used my 80mm Starwave ED-R refractor with the Daystar QUARK chromosphere version and a DMK31 camera. Image taken from Sheffield UK.

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