Observation by Grant Privett: Knowlton Church

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Grant Privett


Grant Privett


2019 Apr 10 - 21:50


2019 Apr 11 - 19:59


The Earth

  • Canon 1100D
  • Samyang 14mm @ f2.8
  • ISO3200



Knowlton Church, Cranborne Chase

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Knowlton Church


Knowlton Church

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The ruined church at Knowlton lies within a circular earth work which is much older. It is also in the Cranborne Chase which is quite a dark location for this part of country.

On this occasion I went there with an approaching first quarter moon to provide illumination to the church front. Worked reasonably well.

The camera is nothing special and I applied a little unsharp masking - more perhaps than I should have - before I downsized the image. Not bad for a first try though. WIll return one moonless night.

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Peter Mulligan
Peter Mulligan, 2019 Apr 12 - 17:14 UTC

Hi Grant

Its great imaging old historical buildings with the universe as a back drop nice photo


Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2019 May 25 - 22:24 UTC

The shame is that theres some towns within a few miles and so they light up the sky. Could do with a filter on the DSLR really.

Rather fancied doing same at Wardour Castle but the owners seem to have got cold feet.

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