Observation by David Arditti: Schiller, Zuccius, Bettinus, Kircher and...

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David Arditti


David Arditti


2019 Apr 17 - 22:13


2019 Apr 23 - 20:36


The Moon

  • 14" SCT
  • IR 807nm filter
  • PointGrey Grasshopper 3 camera

30s video


Edgware, Middlesex, UK

Target name

The Moon


Schiller, Zuccius, Bettinus, Kircher and Bailly, 2019 April 17

About this image

I've already posted this image in the Moon discussion forum. I found it very interesting how Bailly at this illumination and libration created the powerful impression of a hump on the terminator. It looked, in this view, as if it was at the southern cusp of the Moon, but panning the view along showed it was well away from the cusp. The effect was plainly due to the distant wall of this vast plain catching the light, while all the surrounding terrain was shadowed.

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