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Observation by Graham Winstanley: IC1396 Elephant's Trunk nebula

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Graham Winstanley


Graham Winstanley


2019 Jul 03 - 01:00


2019 Aug 05 - 09:55


The Elephant Trunk (IC1396)



  • Skywatcher ED80
  • Pier mounted NEQ6
  • QHY IMG2PRO at -10 deg
  • oag camera ASI120MM
  • Baader Ha 7nm, OIII & SII 8nm filters

Ha 25 x 300s, O 24 x 400s, S 21 x 300s


Bassingham, Lincolnshire

Target name

Elephant's trunk nebula


IC1396 Elephant's Trunk nebula

About this image

Captured during the short and bright nights between 9 June and 3 July. This is my first tri-colour narrowband image and it has taken me a long time to achieve a satisfactory colour balance with the Hubble palette. The initial processing was in Pixinsight then colours were adjusted in Photoshop CS2 and finalised again in PI. It is a bit noisy if you look too close but not bad considering the sky brightness at this time of year.

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Derek Robson
Derek Robson, 2019 Aug 11 - 13:18 UTC

Excellent job Graham.  A lot of time and effort has gone into that.

Gordon T. Holmes.
Gordon T. Holmes., 2021 Apr 05 - 09:37 UTC

Colours out of this World Graham, Amazing.

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