Observation by Alex Pratt: Earth in Bradford; Moon in Wakefield

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Alex Pratt


Alex Pratt


2019 Aug 27 - 10:00


2019 Aug 27 - 21:21


The Moon
The Earth

  • Canon EOS 500D + f/2.8 lens
  • Canon PhotoStitch

Bradford and Wakefield

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7-metre Earth and Moon globes


Earth in Bradford; Moon in Wakefield

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The Earth and Moon have come to Yorkshire.

Artist Luke Jerram is well-known for his 7-metre diameter globes of the Earth and the Moon, constructed from high-resolution NASA images. One of his Gaia globes is currently on display in the National Science and Media Museum, Bradford, and in Wakefield Market Hall his Museum of the Moon highlights a lunar globe.

As an occasional lunar observer (these days I use the Moon as an occulting bar to observe double stars and Kepler2 stars) it was great to walk around the large globe and see its Far Side in detail, noting how different it is to the side facing Earth and the transition between these regions.

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