Observation by Tim Haymes: Contrails

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2019 Sep 13 - 09:44


2019 Sep 13 - 09:54


The Earth

  • 18mm lens
  • Canon 70D

Knowl Hill, Berkshire

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A beautiful day, but notice the abundance of con-trails. We are not far from Heathrow, but these are from long haul flights i suppose.  It just seems a greater extent that prompted me to take the picture.

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Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2019 Sep 13 - 10:23 UTC

Remember when the volcano in Iceland grounded planes across europe? The sky was clear and blue on nice days.

I wonder what percentage of cloud world wide is seeded by aircraft?

Ray Emery
Ray Emery, 2019 Sep 13 - 15:26 UTC

My wife and I also commented this afternoon on the number of slowly spreading contrails there are in the skies over our place in the south Lincolnshire Wolds. Must be stable but cold air at just the right height. We are under the trans-atlantic flight path for many aircraft, alas.

Tim Haymes
Tim Haymes, 2019 Sep 13 - 16:29 UTC

Looking now late afternoon, all the trails have evaporated and not been replaced.  There might be a time-of-day factor as well.

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