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Observation by Mark Phillips: Latest HOYS paper on V1490Cyg

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Mark Phillips


Mark Phillips


2019 Sep 16 - 21:00


2020 Jan 17 - 10:11



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Field centre

RA: 20h51m
Dec: +44°22'
Position angle: +5°03'

Field size

0°35' × 0°28'

  • 250mm f4.8 Newtonian
  • ATIK 460EX Baader R filter


Target name

V1490Cyg in IC5070 Pelican Nebula


Latest HOYS paper on V1490Cyg

About this image

I've been taking part in the HOYS (formerly HOYS-CAPS) programme, monitoring young star formation. The picture is a stack of all my 30 calibrated Red images uploaded to the project over a 6 month period. Each is a stack of 3x180s subs. This has then been image processed - so no science left in it! Quite a few Herbig-Haro objects visible in there too.

The latest paper has been published which names as co-authors all the amateurs (including descriptions of equipment an affiliations) involved in providing observations.

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