Observation by Simon Dawes: The Veil

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Mr Simon Francis Dawes


Simon Dawes


2019 Sep 25 - 19:40


2019 Oct 09 - 07:29


The Western Veil Nebula (NGC6960)

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Field centre

RA: 20h50m
Dec: +30°34'
Position angle: +24°50'

Field size

5°52' × 5°09'

  • Samyang 135mm f2
  • Canon 600D (Full spectrum mod)
  • CLSCCD clip-in filter
  • iOptron Star Tracker

74x 60s


Kelling Heath, England

Target name

The Veil, NGC6992, NGC6995, NGC6960


The Veil

About this image

I'm so pleased to be able to capture this object, it is one of the most beautiful nebulas in the night sky, ok there are loads of others, but that's why we are astronomers, we love them all.. 

I go to Kelling Heath primarily for visual observation, the imaging is something of a secondary objective that I don't let get in the way of the visual observations.  

I also viewed the Eastern and Western Veil through my 12" f4 Dob without any filters, something impossible at home (SE London) 

The weather was a bit patchy for imaging so I was happy to get this image.

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