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Observation by Tim Haymes: 1998 HL1 NEO

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2019 Oct 26 - 20:20


2019 Oct 26 - 22:44

  • Canon 60Da
  • 200mm F2,8 lens
  • Vixen Polarie
  • Temp: +5 C
  • FOV abt 0.4 deg

25s @ 1600iso


Steeple Aston, OXON

Target name

1998 HL1


1998 HL1 NEO

About this image

Encouraged by the discussion on the BAA forum, i set up under a partly clear sky and took a sequence of frames. The stacked images showed a streak, I compare three of the individual frames here. We've had 3" rain in the last two days, and clear skies now expected.  Times on the frames are to 1 min, but the camera clock was 42 sec fast.

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