Observation by Geof Lewis: Melotte 15 (Heart of the Heart) HaRGB - ...

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Geof Lewis


Geof Lewis


2019 Dec 04 - 00:00


2020 Jan 22 - 14:11


The Heart Nebula (IC1805)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 02h33m
Dec: +61°26'
Position angle: +2°27'

Field size

0°22' × 0°16'

  • C14 XLT
  • Optec x0.67 telecompressor
  • Astronomic HaRGB filters
  • QSI583wsg-5
  • AP1200GTO CP3

Ha: 9x900s+18x300s; RGB (each): 8x300s+15x120s



Target name

Melotte 15


Melotte 15 (Heart of the Heart) HaRGB - 4 Dec 2019

About this image

I started to capture this in Sept 2019 with some test shots in Ha which worked well and has been previously posted, so I returned to it during Nov-Dec 2019, to add RGB data and more, longer exposure Ha. I also shot some L data, but found it difficult to blend with the Ha, so left it out. The Ha stars overwhelmed the RGB stars, so I shot some 2min RGB subs for star colour and layered that in PS.

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