Observation by Justin K.: Conjunction of Venus and Saturn

Uploaded by

Dr Paul Leyland


Justin K.


2019 Dec 09 - 19:19


2019 Dec 10 - 16:45



  • 0.0022m f/1.8 refractor
  • iPhone X CMOS camera
  • No filter

0.25s at ISO 2000


Tacande Observatory, MPC J22

Target name

Venus and Saturn


Conjunction of Venus and Saturn

About this image

I wasn't going to respond to the latest observer's challenge.  However two friends are visiting us this week and one of them, Justin K., took this image with his iPhone and mailed me the result.  Neither of them realised what the very obvious pair of bright "stars" might be until I explained and produced a pair of 15x80 binoculars so they could get a magnified view.

Not quite so much of a challenge here at 28N but I'm impressed with how good an image can be produced by a telescope with such a tiny aperture.  It's just 0.56% of the aperture of my telescope which would be completely useless on this target.

The foreground objects, from left to right, are a young laurel tree, my neighbour's house, and a hibiscus bush. The iPhone's flash went off automatically, with rather attractive results.

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