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Observation by Andrew Smith: HIP25953 Flare

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Andrew Smith


Andrew Smith


2019 Dec 14 - 00:00


2019 Dec 15 - 13:28

Planetarium overlay


Coma Berenices

Field centre

RA: 12h00m
Dec: +23°52'
Position angle: -90°57'

Field size

0°16' × 0°16'

  • ODK 16
  • ULRes Spectrograph

n x 100s


Castillejar Spain

Target name



HIP25953 Flare

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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, 2019 Dec 15 - 15:11 UTC

After about 18 hrs (4600 images) of monitoring V833 Tau with no flares I swapped to HIP25953 M4Ve last night with out much expectation as there forecast was for cloud.

However, to my surprise it flared. I still have to process the spectra but here is the discovery plot of the intensity of the zero order with timeĀ  v two comparison stars .

Each exposure is 100s through a SA200 grating. I will post the spectra once they are reduced.

Regards Andrew

PS caption observation date is wrong it was 14th

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