Observation by Andrew Smith: HIP25953 Flare rise spectra

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Andrew Smith


Andrew Smith


2019 Dec 14 - 21:00


2019 Dec 22 - 14:04



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Canes Venatici

Field centre

RA: 12h16m
Dec: +47°02'
Position angle: -39°17'

Field size

0°06' × 0°08'

  • ODK 16
  • ULRes Spectrograph
  • Paramount MEII

n x 100s


Castillejar Spain

Target name



HIP25953 Flare rise spectra

About this image

Rise phase of flare. The smother black line is the average of 20 spectra before the flare. Each exposure was 100s with 2.8s download time. The increase in intensity at the UV end is about 5 times the non flare level. Given the filtering by the exposure and cadence it all took place in about 200s!

The fall is mush slower and I still have to process all the spectra.

Spectra produced in bass with a linear wavelength calibration, instrument response from a HD34203 spectra and Pickles reference and filtered to match the sharpest HD34203 spectra as they are over sampled.

Regards Andrew

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