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Observation by Peter Meadows: Latest Butterfly Diagram

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Peter Meadows


Peter Meadows


2020 Jan 12 - 17:44


2020 Jan 12 - 17:49


The Sun

  • 80mm refractor & eyepiece projection
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Latest Butterfly Diagram

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Over the last 3 weeks there have been four new cycle sunspot groups at high latitudes north and south of the solar equator.  So perhaps cycle 25 has really begun!  The diagram shows the location of observed sunspots groups since 2008 (the different colours indicate the maximum size of each group (yellow less than 100 millionths of the Sun's visible hemisphere (MSH), green between 100 and 500 MSH, purple between 500 and 1000 MSH and red greater than 1000 MSH)).

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