Observation by Denis Buczynski: Aurora in Moonlight at Tarbatness

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Denis Buczynski


Denis Buczynski


2020 Feb 01 - 23:19


2020 Feb 02 - 14:34



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Field centre

RA: 04h41m
Dec: -62°01'
Position angle: +1°24'

Field size

0°13' × 0°08'

  • Samyang 14mm f/2.8
  • Canon 550D

1x20s ISO 6400


Tarbatness Highland Scotland

Target name

Aurora in Moonlight at Tarbatness


Aurora in Moonlight at Tarbatness

About this image
There was a faint display of Aurora last night seen here at Tarbatness. The first quarter moon in the sky prevented me for seeing any activity visually but the camera recorded some green rays and a faint red band above the rays. Hopefully the start of more to come now the Sun is beginning a new cycle.
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John Bracegirdle
John Bracegirdle, 2020 Feb 02 - 19:35 UTC

Your image looks great, and thanks for the explanation. I would not have thought of trying to record the aurora if I couldn't see it visually, but I do for deep sky, so it makes sense. I'm glad to have learnt a new thing today. :)

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