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Observation by Dr Alan B Thomas: 127mm Mak-Cass with Homemade Dew/Light S...

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Alan Thomas


Dr Alan B Thomas


2020 Mar 21 - 10:35


2020 Mar 21 - 10:48



Target name

Dew/Light Shield


127mm Mak-Cass with Homemade Dew/Light Shield

About this image

I constructed this high-tec dew-shield from artist's matt black card (from Hobbycraft) and sellotape. The weather has been so unfriendly that I haven't had a chance to give it a prolonged test, but I am hopeful it will solve the dewing problem on the corrector plate of the Mak-Cass. Anyway, I think it gives the instrument a little more presence!

(I subsequently decided the length was perhaps excessive and cut it back by about half).

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