Observation by Andy Wilson: M38

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Andy Wilson


Andy Wilson


2020 Mar 23 - 20:30


2020 Mar 24 - 16:00


The Starfish Cluster (M38)

  • Orion Optics VX12
  • Takahasi LE 18mm
  • Equatorial platform


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I am not a very good artist and I this is not a particularly accurate rendition of M38 but I thought I'd share it anyway.

Following Callum's Observer's Challenge for a mini Messier Marathon, I did my own mini mini marathon on 22nd March observing M36, M37 and 38 in Auriga and M35 in Gemini. I followed this up on 23rd March by attempting to sketch M38. I dusted off my equatorial platform so my dobsonian would track the cluster once I had it centred.

When observing the cluster I noticed a little chain of stars to the left of centre in this drawing, and what appeared like a mini big dipper to me just above and to the right of the centre. I took a bit of artistic license in emphasizing this asterism.

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