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Observation by Mark Phillips: Mare Crisium Infrared daytime

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Mark Phillips


Mark Phillips


2020 Mar 29 - 14:20


2020 Mar 29 - 22:01


The Moon

  • 250mm f4.8 OO Newtonian
  • ZWO ASi 290mc
  • ZWO infrared filter
  • Capture in FireCapture
  • Processed in Autostakkert and Photoshop

30s 47fps AVI 1024x768 ROI 10% frames


Edinburgh, UK

Target name

Mare Crisium


Mare Crisium Infrared daytime

About this image

This was done during a live online Zoom meeting with members of the Imaging Group of the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh, dodging between the clouds. Demonstrated start to finish using FireCapture and AutoStakkert with screen sharing.

Our Imaging Group has become very active over the past 6 months with many newer members getting into imaging for the first time.

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