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Observation by Alan B Thomas: Telescope Ad by Ottway & Co, Ealing ...

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Alan Thomas


Alan B Thomas


2020 Apr 05 - 12:23


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Telescope Ad by Ottway & Co, Ealing c.1960


Telescope Ad by Ottway & Co, Ealing c.1960

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In c.1960, Ottway & Co of Ealing also offered this 3" F13.3 refractor complete with eyepiece for £53-11-0d. Compared to the 8" reflector they offered, it looks positively antiquated. What appears to be an identical telescope was advertised previously in 'Hutchinsons Splendour of the Heavens' (1924). Perhaps this indicates the transition that was taking place at that time as Astronomy was becoming a more popular and affordable hobby: modern instruments for the amateur were becoming available while the old stock lingered on. In 1963 you could buy a new Hillman Imp car for £508 so 'affordable' is a strictly relative term!

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