Observation by Honor Wheeler: ISS Solar Transit

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Honor Wheeler


Honor Wheeler


2020 Apr 20 - 10:39


2020 Apr 26 - 10:47


The Sun

  • Canon EOS 700D
  • Sky watcher ED80 Refractor
  • 2x Barlow

North Kent

Target name

ISS Solar Transit


ISS Solar Transit

About this image

This image is a screen grab from a video taken at the time of the pass. I've tried unsuccessfully for over 10years to get this image but due to the virus I'm working the late shift instead of the day. This ISS pass was due at 12:08:26sUT which is after I leave for work but I couldn't resist trying. At the time I didn't see the pass but just hoped I'd got it before I had to quickly put my equipment away and head for work (no I wasn't late!) It wasn't until the next day that I had a chance to review the footage and finally there it was, a black dot whizzing passes the Sun. Alas no sunspots to make the image more interesting but never mind a challenge is set myself finally achieved.

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