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Observation by Gary Poyner: OJ287 post 2019 disc event activity

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Gary Poyner


Gary Poyner


2020 May 04 - 13:35


2020 May 04 - 13:47



  • 51cm f4 Newtonian Visual Birmingham
  • 35cm SCT remote OU COAST Mt Teide VBR filters
  • 50cm SRO-50 AAVSOnet Arizona VBR filters

Birmingham, Mt Teide and Arizona

Target name

OJ 287


OJ287 post 2019 disc event activity

About this image

Activity in the binary black hole OJ 287 since the July 2019 disc event observed by Spitzer.  The system has been pretty active throughout the latter half of 2019 and early 2020, with a flare occurring at the end of 2019 and a slow rise to a bright state peaking at the end of April 2020 - the brightest OJ 287 has been seen visually since January 2018.  

The light curve covers first observations made in the morning sky post solar conjunction on October 2 and ends on May 3rd 2020.  The field is lost to the Sun in mid June.

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