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Observation by Graham Winstanley: Chester outof town meeting 1960/70's

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Graham Winstanley


2020 May 20 - 08:41


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Chester outof town meeting 1960/70's

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I came across a couple of old photos from a BAA out of town meeting held at Chester in the late 60's or early 70's. The above is me being welcomed to BAA memebership by President, Dr V Barocas. Just behind me is the late Melvyn Taylor and behind him Liverpool AS member, Derek Boulton. Not sure why, but I have 2 copies of this print, so if it is needed for the archives just let me know.

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Alex Pratt
Alex Pratt, 2020 Jun 08 - 15:11 UTC

Hi Graham,

In the 1971 December BAA Journal there's a report of the provincial meeting that took place at Chester College, Chester, on Saturday 28th August, 1971. It says Dr Barocas welcomed 24 new members to the Association. Perhaps not all were in attendance, queueing for a handshake!

Melvyn would have been 23 years old at the time of the meeting. He was elected as a member on 1969 June 25. His Observing Diary doesn't mention attending the Chester meeting, although he wrote his own (almost undecypherable) meeting reports elsewhere, in little note books. His Obs. Diary for 1970 mentions carrying out meteor watches in Wakefield coordinated with yourself in Liverpool.

Clear skies,


Graham Winstanley
Graham Winstanley, 2020 Jun 09 - 19:25 UTC

Thanks Alex.

I remember our attempts at triangulation but we never managed to observe the same meteor. Mostly it was due to cloud at one or both ends.

Patrick is in my memory for being critical of the new fangled slide projector in use by the Chester AS, a Kodak with rotary carousel. As Patrick predicted some thing went wrong, the slides jammed during his presentation and the delay gave him the opportunity to add to his comments and state his preference for the manual Aldis model.

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