Observation by Denis Buczynski:

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Denis Buczynski


Denis Buczynski


2020 May 31 - 00:22


2020 May 31 - 10:52


Noctilucent cloud

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 22h47m
Dec: -46°50'
Position angle: -178°09'

Field size

0°12' × 0°08'

  • Samyang 14mm f/4+Canon 1000D

1x1s ISO 800


Tarbatness Highland Scotland

Target name

Noctilucent Cloud display

About this image

Hello all,

There was an bright NLC display seen here at Tarbatness last night 20200530_31. First seen at around 01:00 UT(by my wife Liz) as a bright discreet patch at about 30 degrees altitude in the NE sky. This patch rapidly expanded westward and up towards the zenith. There were filiments and ladder types on display. The ladder forms became more widely separated as they moved toward the zenith. The display covered around 120 degrees of azimuth and was close to the zenith as the dawn sky began to overwhelm the diisplay. This was the first display seen there this season and I was suprised to see it so bright and extensive. I looked at the daisy wheel diagram on Spaceweather.co earlier tin the day and saw that there were NLC recorded but only close the the polar regions. I was not expecting to see any at this 58dN latitude so soon. Image attached taken at 01:22 UT

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