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Observation by Alan Thomas: Agatharchides, Bullialdus & the Hipp...

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Alan Thomas


Alan Thomas


2020 Jun 01 - 19:57


2020 Jun 02 - 16:57


The Moon

  • 200mm Dob.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5

f/2.2 1/100 sec. ISO-100.


Warrington, Cheshire, UK

Target name

Agatharchides, Bullialdus & the Hippalus Rilles


Agatharchides, Bullialdus & the Hippalus Rilles

About this image

This area is located between Mare Humorum and Mare Nubium, with numerous ridges and rilles in an area full of interest. Spent a long evening imaging with the mobile phone and was pleased to capture this. The arcuate Hippalus Rilles - I, II & III - can be seen in the lower left part of the image. The elusive Rille IV was not observed.

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Peter Mulligan
Peter Mulligan, 2020 Jun 02 - 19:24 UTC

Excellent image Alan with mobile phone


Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas, 2020 Jun 02 - 19:32 UTC

Thanks Peter. It''s getting better with practice. My impression is that the seeing is more of a limitation on the quality of the images than the hardware (though there are obviously limits on what a phone camera can do). Alongside this image I took many more - most of which were too poor and had to be cast aside. 

I think there''s more that can be done with the phone, so I'll keep exploring the possibilities with it for the time being.

Clear skies!