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Observation by Mark Lonsdale: Albedo on Ganymede

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Mark Lonsdale


Mark Lonsdale


2020 Jun 04 - 04:10


2020 Jun 14 - 07:04



  • C14
  • CGX-L
  • ZWO290MM + R filter


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Albedo on Ganymede

About this image

I was testing my new C14 on Jupiter and its satellites and found during RGB imaging that the R channel was quite fine during this session though G and B were fairly average (the resulting colour images were acceptable but not  top quality). Just focusing here on the R channel, I found that the albedo visible on Ganymede corresponds quite well to the simulation for the same time from WinJUPOS.  Previously, using a C11, I have never convinced myself that I have produced anything other than artefacts on Jupiter's staellites but this seems promising.

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