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Observation by Graham Winstanley: M104 in Virgo

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Graham Winstanley


Graham Winstanley


2020 Jun 06 - 16:03


2020 Jun 06 - 16:03


The Sombrero Galaxy (M104)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 12h39m
Dec: -11°38'
Position angle: -84°31'

Field size

0°51' × 0°38'

  • Skywatcher ED80
  • Pier mounted NEQ6
  • SXV H9C
  • oag camera ASI120MM

15 x 300s


Bassingham, Lincolnshire

Target name

Sombrero galaxy


M104 in Virgo

About this image

One of Callum Potter's 3 galaxies in Virgo challenge.

To get low enough for M104 it was necessary to saw off a length of wood on the south side of my shed. As a bonus now have more ventilation! Also had to take a pruning saw to nearby apple tree. I hope it has been worthwhile. Still not an easy target so low and in bright sky. Took two nights to capture as it was only in view for a short time after dark. Only 15 out of 18 subs were useable.

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Dean Ashton
Dean Ashton, 2020 Jun 07 - 21:40 UTC

Such is the commitment of the dedicated amateur astronomer.  It was worthwhile Graham, a great image of M104.

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