Observation by Martin Ratcliffe: Jupiter June 11 2020

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Martin Ratcliffe


Martin Ratcliffe


2020 Jun 11 - 13:56


2020 Jun 27 - 00:47



  • C-14 Edge HD
  • Tv 2x Barlow
  • ASI 178MM camera
  • ZWO filters

Valley Center KS

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Jupiter June 11 2020

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A video capture following an extensive fine tuning of collimating and focusing - also it was clear that my tube was cooling down and the best image cam after two hours of testing due to tube currents declining. Stack of individual R G B and IR video captures, separately focused.Stacked in AutoStakkert3 using Laplace 6 and small number of alignment points (30), followed by Registax Wavelets. Measured in WinJupos and stacked in WinJupos, followed by mild processing in PhotoShop and a second subtle Registax fine tuning with wavelets. It was an unusual night in Kansas, I could see detail! Nights like these come once in a season typically.

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