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Observation by Miguel Araújo: M4 (sketch)

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Miguel Araújo


Miguel Araújo


2020 Jun 20 - 22:30


2020 Jun 22 - 18:12



  • 203 mm SCT, 26 mm & 18 mm eyepieces
  • HB pencil, stumps, Finegrain paper
  • Gimp-2.10

Évora, Portugal

Target name



M4 (sketch)

About this image

June is the season to observe globular clusters from my home, rather than galaxies, as they are less affected by light pollution and respond well to magnification.     

Through an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, some clusters provide enough detail to make them interesting. 

I used my favourite eyepieces: a 26mm Plossl Vixen 'silvertop' from the 1980's, and a recently acquired Baader Classic Ortho 18 mm.

The pencil & paper sketch was digitised and colour inverted using Gimp-2.10.


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