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Observation by Trevor Green: Messier 83

Uploaded by

Paul Downing, FRAS


Trevor Green


2020 Jun 30 - 22:00


2020 Sep 26 - 08:12


The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy (M83)

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Field centre

RA: 13h37m
Dec: -29°52'
Position angle: -178°41'

Field size

0°41' × 0°31'

  • Skywatcher 10 inch f3.9 Newtonian
  • ZWO071 Colour Camera

100 x 5 mins


Clare, South Australia

Target name

Messier 83


Messier 83

About this image

This image of the large spiral galaxy, Messier 83 was taken by Trevor from his home observatory in South Australia between May and July 2020 at varying times through the evenings.  The image was processed using PixInsight and PS CC 2017.

Messier 83 is known as the "Southern Pinwheel Galaxy" and is approximately 15 million light-years away on the borders of Hydra and Centaurus.  It was discovered by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille on February 23, 1752 at the Cape of Good Hope.

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