Observation by Peter Carson: 52 Cygni and part of western Veil nebula...

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Peter Carson


Peter Carson


2020 Aug 02 - 22:43


2020 Aug 17 - 16:01


The Western Veil Nebula (NGC6960)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 20h46m
Dec: +30°42'
Position angle: +0°03'

Field size

0°45' × 0°32'

  • 315mm Corrected Dall Kirkham f/8
  • QHY600 CMOS camera bin 2x2
  • Paramount
  • Unguided
  • Unfiltered

10 x 60 sec exposures stacked


Remote observatory at Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain

Target name

52 Cygni and part of western Veil nebula NGC6960


52 Cygni and part of western Veil nebula NGC6960

About this image

This was a test exposure to judge the performance of a QHY600 CMOS camera on my remote telescope. So far I'm happy!

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Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2020 Aug 17 - 17:46 UTC

Thats a nice camera. What do the dark frames look like? Any amp glow?

Peter Carson
Peter Carson, 2020 Aug 18 - 12:06 UTC

Hi Grant,

No amp glow detectable. It's a back illuminated Sony IMX455 CMOS chip so the QE is good. It's also got a true 16bit A/D converter which many CMOS cameras don't have. I'm impressed with it's performace so far but have only used it on three nights in the couple of weeks I've had it.

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